CCIE Routing And Switching For Proficiency In Networking

CCIE Routing and Switching is one of the most advanced certification in CISCO. It is also a challenging certification program and has its validity for 2 years. After 2 years, you need to get recertified. To achieve a good score, you need to keep yourself updated and practice a lot. To gain the best, you need to put in your best efforts and there is no shortcut to achieve it. To help you better prepare for this course, there are abundance of online service providers aiming to provide identical theoretical workbooks and practical lab training exercises or sessions.


Types Of Examination

We live in a technological advanced world yet many people are unaware of identical CISCO online lab facilities for practicing CISCO stimulated sessions. Well, first understand the basic pattern of the CCIE Routing and Switching certification course. It consists of two sections:

  • Written Examination – 350-001
  • Hands-On Lab Examination – CCIE R&S Lab Exam v4.0

However, there are no formal prerequisites required, yet CISCO insists that you have a prior 3 to 5 years of job experience. Been a CISCO certified, I have seen various candidates get confused on how to prepare for this examination. They try to buy various books online and pay heavily to get lab exercises and often get confused and have given up.


Brief Guidance To Select The Best Online Training Vendor For CCIE Routing And Switching

To help you guide properly, I will provide you some important things to remember.

  • Insist on online lab training exercises through purchasing online sessions rather than live labs
  • Save your money by buying E-workbooks or renting them
  • Rack rent which offers latest routers, strong servers and 12.4 or 12.4T Advanced Enterprise Services IOS
  • Practice consistently, investing everyday hours is a much better practice then sitting one day for longer duration
  • Do not be attracted by the pricing of the service providers of cisco racks, rather look for experienced and well known vendors.

If you follow the above mentioned strategies, your success is definite.

Find out more about the other important aspects that most candidates often forget by clicking here.

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