Learn More about CCIE Security Certification

What are the most significant things for healthy business functioning nowadays? While, there are several correct answers, these things can be joined into two general groups:


–          Fiscal data and

–          Intellectual property


When the Dot Com bubble first burst, a lot of businesses were hit by viruses and other attacks. Nowadays, most of these attacks are mostly concentrated on getting access to fiscal information and intellectual property. This is the reason why it is essential to have a reliable network security strategy set and running for every business.


Having a stable security plan is critical for every IT company in order to protect these two vital elements. In order to succeed in this, companies must have security engineers, who are capable of designing and controlling the execution of security practices within the company, using the latest techniques and technologies to always be one step ahead of violators, who only seek to access its financial data and intellectual property resources. Many companies, however, often overlook this protection and don’t take the situation seriously, until it’s too late.


IT security is always implemented in the network infrastructure first. Controlling accessible data, ways of access, and persons that are allowed to access it is initially controlled through the network.


How do individuals and companies know the best ways to implement security? First of all, they have to know what they have and then how to execute it. Both of these parts are attainable through the CCIE Security certification, a globally recognized networking expert preparation program. Companies that have a CCIE Security engineer employed and persons, who have spent their time to focus on achieving this certification, learn of security importance and begin to understand various aspects involved in the protection of the main business elements, which are intellectual property and fiscal data.


What does the knowledge gained through the CCIE Security certification represent? Here are several of the main principles an expert gets to learn:


–          Successful protection of the network using the advanced security equipment;

–          Successful protection of the network using the IOS firewall features;

–          Implementation of the Intrusion Prevention System for spotting network attacks prior to their occurrence;

–          Development and implementation of a secured infrastructure using VPN services and data encryption for a better company property protection;

–          Implementation of identity management to control where, to whom, and to what access is provided upon connection to the network;

–          Network equipment access security and implementation of practices meant to keep the network functioning;

–          Advanced security techniques to protect the network and resource access;

–          Detection of a threat or attack and implementation of new security policies for better network protection.


But, how does an expert get the CCIE Security certification? This is quite a simple question. Choose one of the top training organizations affiliated with Cisco. There are a lot of CCIE Security training centers out there. There are even institutes that provide CCIE training programs. The answer is simple, but be prepared for a truly grueling process of studying and a very difficult CCIE Security exam.


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