<style type="text/css">
	.map_image { display: block; width: 851px; height: 315px; position: relative; background-position: 0 0; background-repeat: no-repeat; }
	.map_image .map_link { display: block; position: absolute; text-indent: -999em; overflow: hidden; }
	.map_image #map_link_3 { width: 84px; height: 24px; top: 284.0000305175781px; left: 146px; }
	.map_image #map_link_5 { width: 111px; height: 32px; top: 212.00003051757812px; left: 151px; }
<div class="map_image" style="background-image: url('https://okelectronicsva.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=650);">
	<a class="map_link" id="map_link_3" title="" href="http://crs25.com/"></a>
	<a class="map_link" id="map_link_5" title="" href="http://crs25.com/"></a>

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