Tips To Ace The CCIE

There are two parts in the certification process en route to being awarded the CCIE. It is a prestigious certification, and aside from being recognized worldwide, without exception, it is a certification process that is defined to truly acquaint the engineer with the most widely used switching and routing systems globally.
The first part of the certification test is a written exam that covers the theory. This part requires two skills only and hard work. The first skill is to be able to understand the fundamental architecture of the networking environment. Having an overview of the environment allows you to build upon that and drill down into the details of the networking architecture. After all that’s what this certification is, it’s a lot of details and networking nitty gritty.
The second part of the test is a grueling lab session. The exam itself is to be completed within 8 hours. It may seem like a lot of time, but if you know what you’re doing, that 8 ours is barely sufficient for your hands to do the walking. There is off course time for you to think of your next move, but the test is designed to evaluate just how much material you have internalized. To overcome this there is only one solution, you must have practiced one a real rack or simulated one under all kinds of scenarios, specifications and settings. Only then will the fundamental nature and character of the system become second nature to you.
These are a few things you will need to ace your CCIE Routing and Switching Lab. First thing is to go out and get the necessary material and course outlines. Get a good understanding of what is required of you and what you should expect. Do not underestimate the work load. Next locate a cost effective CCIE Service Provider. This CCIE SP will be able to assist in getting all the materials and schedules for you. It is best to hear what they have to say and make the final determination on your own. The route to becoming an Internetwork Expert is paved with opportunities to make sound decisions and it starts right here – choosing the CCIE Rack Rentals.
These rentals provide you with the necessary practical, hands on training to get familiar with the architecture and response characteristics of the Cisco systems. The Cisco Rack will be an invaluable tool during your learning and practice stage. It will give you a good foundation to your long career. For you to adequately Pass CCIE Lab exams, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to acclimate. Do not rush into the exam – that is a sure route to failure.
The final tip to excel in the test is to use the workbook thoroughly. The information in the work book is meant to familiarize candidates with every aspect of the system. Look past the test in this scenario, and look at yourself as a certified professional on the job. Picture the real world scenarios and look at the challenges certified engineers face. Look ahead and that will help in getting accomplished as a CCIE.


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