The New Economy

There are two things going on in the world today and both are related. The first is that the world is facing a huge decline in employment. The main reason for this is that most of the globe is moving away from third world industries and agriculture to high end intelligent industries. The second is the huge shortage of workers in the new world economy. There are huge worker displacements and it is being misunderstood by myopic economists and armchair pundits that the world is facing a recession and that the way to fix it is to get governments to inject funds and raise employment. The problem however is that there is a shift in labor need.
While the economy has gone from being reliant on grain and milk to being a high value new world economics, the average worker’s skills have not caught up. The huge demand for network engineers fro example, who when hired can demand $50,000 a year, are in severe shortage. The way to fill this shortage is for the labor force to more to these jobs.
The best way to do this is to get certified. One of the certifications that is in huge demand is the CCIE. This certification allows an engineer to either be gainfully employed by a CCIE Service Provider or maybe even set up his own business as a CCIE SP. It wouldn’t hurt to get some experience though working under a company before branching out. An engineer with fresh certification is in demand, but one with experience is even more so and in some cases can demand up to $90, 000 annually.
To get certified requires access to a Cisco Rack. This is so that one can get hands on experience beyond just the text in the books and manuals. As a professional it is really important that such experience is gained before being subjected to a test that is very practical in nature. This 8 hour test will seek to investigate exactly how competent a candidate is in trouble shooting and setting up a system. It is very important that this experience be gained otherwise the CCIE Routing and Switching Lab exams will be a total failure.
To get practical experience, it is not uncommon for students to get CCIE Rack Rentals instead of purchasing one. Off course its perfectly acceptable to buy one, but the cost may be prohibitive. These racks can be found at a CCIE Service Provider. Once can search for these online and find a provider that is cost competitive. Once the CCIE SP is awarded, take some time to get a very hands on job and get some professional and practical experience. This is the best way to get the resume built up. Once you feel sufficiently confident that you can handle being thrown in to the deep end, its time to start spreading your resume. The added experience will be a huge factor in getting your choice of employment.

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