Careers In Networking

Being recognized as a CCIE Service Provider is one way to ascend the ladder to being a success as a network engineer. The title is not conferred easily but at the tail end of a rigorous written test and practical exam that lasts eight hours. Candidates are given certain specifications or problems, and they are required to set up the network accurately and efficiently within the time allotted. This is no easy task to accomplish.


To be fair, the written part of the test is not something that evokes too much fear to preparer. The subject matter is straight forward and at this level of the game it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The hard part is to Pass CCIE Lab. This requires hands on tinkering to get familiar with things.


There aren’t many alternative when it comes to getting one’s hands wet with a Cisco Rack. They are not something you can just walk out and pick up at the nearest IT store. These are sophisticated equipment that cost quite a bit and unless you can afford it, it’s not something most aspiring engineers do. Instead they opt for CCIE Rack Rentals. This is where; you can get everything you need to get familiar with the rack and on your way to being a CCIE Service Provider.


Putting the lab requirements aside, it is one of the best ways to get hands on knowledge, especially when you do not have access to all the hardware. So, all that is needed is the rental packages – and that is available at the end of an online search. Then there is a need for a good workbook that will walk you through step by step. The quality of the book you get is essential in getting you through the test.


Spend lots of time with the workbook. For the next couple of weeks, you should do nothing but, eat, sleep, walk with this book. In fact you should get it before getting the Rack Rental. This way you do a dry run in your head without the clock ticking on the charges for the rack. When the day comes for your lab, remember, anything below 80% is a fail. To be certified, not only is it required you pass the written but also the labs.


On the day of the test, don’t bother to even pick up the work book. Just relax, if you have done everything you were supposed to then it’s time to relax. Besides, if you are not ready, the last couple of hours aren’t going to do anything for you. However, it is best that you keep your mind clear. Listen to music or play chess if you are into it. Be fresh when you get to your labs and be properly nourished and hydrated. You are going to be spending eight hours configuring and troubleshooting a system that forms the internet, be prepared to sweat a bit, but at all time do remain focused and calm.




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