Top 4 Plasma TV Questions Answered

If you have recently visited one of those big warehouse stores, I’m certain you were caught by surprise at how vivid plasma flat screen TV displays are these days. In fact, people are rapidly embracing this new television technology by replacing their old bulky analog TVs with the more lightweight and sleek plasma televisions. Why? Four letters, HDTV! HDTV stands for high definition TV. Plasma TV coupled with HDTV equals a more sharper, crisper television-viewing experience and surround sound quality.

If you are considering upgrading your old set to a new plasma TV, here are four questions you should ask when shopping around:

Question #1 – Is it a plasma TV or just a plasma monitor?

Plasma televisions come equipped with the tuner already built-in along with integrated speakers. Plasma monitors on the other hand are sold without speakers and are just large monitors. Do you subscribe to cable or satellite TV? If so, you can use your provider’s tuner for programming but speakers will still be required. Before purchasing anything, make sure that you do your homework and keep all of this in mind as you shop.

Question #2 – Is this plasma television HDTV compatible?

It is projected that the HDTV standard will be in full effect by as early as 2009. With this said, you don’t want to end up with a plasma that is incapable of receiving the HD channels transmitted to it. Keep in mind that if you are a cable or satellite TV subscriber, you will be able to enjoy HDTV broadcasts provided your plasma television is capable of processing the signal.

Question #3 – What’s The Most Appropriate Size and How Much Can I Afford?

Plasma TVs are manufactured in a wide variety of conventional sizes from 14″ all the way up to 63″ diagonally with more larger display sizes to come. When compared to LCD flat screen TVs, plasmas are very expensive. With hefty price tags ranging from $6,000 to $20,000, you must take into consideration how much money you are willing to spend and where you want to place your plasma flat screen.

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