How to Connect Your Laptop to Your Television Using an HDMI

If you wish to spend less on cable or satellite TV bills or want to stop spending at all, you may opt for a better content at lesser cost. The internet can give you access to anything – from books to movies and even radio and TV too. It will cost you as little as $10 per month to have access to thousands of great movies at terrific viewing and hundred of episodes of your favorite TV series. All these can be yours not just if the price is right but when you have an affordable streaming-only subscription online.

However, most of us who already have this access using our computers would like to see it on a bigger and a more high quality screen. If you have one of those HD televisions, then all you need to do to watch those movies that are perfect for big screen viewing is hook your PC and your TV together. “Now how can that be possible?” You may ask. This article is going to tell you how. All you need to get started is your very own computer which has an HDMI (high definition multimedia interface) port, a cable (HDMI-type as well) and your HD television.

There are two types of HDMI, a fat one and a slim one. The former, the fat cable, is probably all you need for the set-up. Although, the slim type can also be useful especially if you travel with your laptop and would want to use it on an HDMI compatible TV unit; either may do.

First step would be plugging in the “fat” cable on to the back of your television and closely paying attention to the labels (which means “TV” is for TV). Once the wire or cable is plugged into the right ports of the TV and your laptop you may then want to configure your PC. Using a Windows OS is perfectly better than any other system type. For this you may want to go to the Control Panel and then select Adjust Screen solution. You may adjust as needed until you the goal of having the background image to spread to the entire TV screen. When everything is all set, the rest is just a click to your favorite movie or TV series by picking a site to give you access. Happy viewing!


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