How to Fix Image Retention on your Plasma TV

Do you see annoying streaks, bars or ghosting in your plasma TV screen after hours of watching a 4:3 program? If yes, your television might have image retention issues which is quite common among plasma TV’s. Dubbed as one of the technology’s “dirty little secret,” image retention, commonly known as a “burn in”, results from lengthy exposures of the phosphors to uneven lighting just like those produced on a 4:3 program or if you have a particular channel on pause for quite some time.

However, don’t give up on your TV just yet because there are actually quite a number of simple ways to fix your plasma’s image retention problem. Here are some of them so you can enjoy an ultimate couch potato viewing experience again.

Calibration Discs

If you would like to have an effective and efficient screen washer, you should definitely try your hands on calibration discs. These will help eliminate the ghosting that you have on your plasma TV. Aside from solving your burn in problem, it also features wonderful test patterns to achieve superb images all the time and enhance your plasma TV’s performance.

Image-cleaner feature

Although this may not be available in all plasma TVs, you should try checking you Setup menu or Settings for the built-in anti-image retention feature and the accompanying pixel orbiter which will shift the pixels around to wipe out those annoying streaks and get rid of the ghosting efficiently. If it’s just the station logo that’s causing the image retention, do not worry because minor burns like this would usually just go away on its own.

Adjust your settings

Make the necessary adjustments in the settings of your television and defer from using the vibrant mode because its intensity also contributes to image retention. If the streaks won’t go away after making the setting changes, you can also try displaying a white screen at high contrast for some time to get your Plasma TV good as new.

These are just some of the basic tips on how you can fix image retention on your screen. Always remember to exercise prudence in using your Plasma TV to avoid similar problems in the future. For starters, turn the TV off if you intend or would like to place your DVR on a lengthy pause. Don’t leave your plasma TV on a static input and if you would like to use it for your game play, make the necessary setting adjustments –especially for contrast and brightness – to avoid image retention. As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”, otherwise you might end up buying plasma tv parts from Fix My Plasma.

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