LED TV – How To Buy The Perfect LED TV

42 LED LCD TV 300x275 LED TV   How To Buy The Perfect LED TV

Buying an LED television is a really exciting time for most consumers, as it’s usually their first such high definition television purchase. They’re about to enter an entirely new world of television viewing, and they sometimes forget that there are quite a few things to be taken into account before selecting the perfect model and bringing it home to enjoy.

If an LED TV is on your electronics shopping list, there are a few considerations to keep in mind that will ensure you end up with the best possible television unit for your unique home setup as well as your unique viewing preferences.

It’s Time to Take Some Measurements

One of the quirks of shopping for an LED TV at a major electronics retailer is that these stores are typically quite massive. Within the large confines of an electronics store, even a 65-inch LED television set looks like it’s the perfect size for your rather modest living and entertaining space at home. But don’t be fooled: that set will prove to be truly massive the moment you carry it inside your door and try to place it on your existing entertainment centre or stand.

Before shopping for a Television, take measurements of your living area or whichever room the TV will be placed in. Understand the size of your furniture, as well as the distance of your couches or chairs from where the television will be sitting. You’ll want to be able to view the entire picture at once — without moving your head from side to side and scanning a large viewing surface.

Consider Warranties and Protection Plans

The perfect LED television may not be entirely perfect. In fact, something may happen that will require the set to be repaired or replaced during its useful life span. If that’s going to be the case, you will want to ensure that your LED TV is covered by as generous a manufacturer’s warranty as possible. A reputable brand should allow for at least a year of covered tv repairs and replacements in the event of defects or other issues. Be sure to discuss your options in this regard with a qualified sales associate when making your purchase.

Consider Colour Depth and Hue

LED televisions all look the same from a distance, but they can be quite different when they are viewed up close an personal. Look for a television set that has deep blacks and bright whites, as this is the main perk of an LED TV. Also be sure that these vibrant colours (especially the dark ones) extend to the edges of a screen, where many cheaper models will tend to fade out and lack the same high quality picture. Finally, be sure that the hues on the screen are bright, vivid, and blend well with your own eye’s colour preferences. The last thing anyone wants is a new LED TV that gives them a splitting headache.


Buying an LED television is pretty straightforward. With careful attention to detail — especially the dimensions of the room in which the television is being placed — it’s easy to find the perfect model for entertaining yourself and all of your (soon-to-be jealous) friends.

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