Repairing Toshiba 29″ 2927DE CRT Television

This Toshiba 29 tv″ 2927DE 29″ CRT TV was collected from a friend’s house. The complain of this TV was no signal-only the blue raster and no sound even with the TV’s antenna connected. For your information i don’t repair television but i do analyze Television circuit, and read TV troubleshooting magazine and book especially the TV Repair book by Homer L Davidson. Since this TV is belong to my friend so I’m doing a favor for my friend to repair the set.

toshiba tv

If a television set have raster, no picture and no sound chances are high the tuner, IF section or the AGC circuit have problem. Since TV tuner is the easiest to see i started off with the tuner first. As usual in any electronic repair, i would use the handle of my screw driver to knock on the suspected section which is the tuner. Surprisingly i got back the picture and sound the moment i hit the tuner casing. Turning back to see the circuit board, i found a slight dry joint in one of the tuner pins. After resoldering it i thought it would be fine and after hitting the tuner again the same problem arise again. I concluded that it was the tuner internal section that might have dry joints.

I soldered the tuner out again removed both metal covers and began to see with the help of magnifying glass. Ha! got it, found two pins that had very obvious dry joints. After applying fresh solder on all of the internal joints, the bright, nice picture and sound came back again. I just love electronic repair!

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