Panasonic Plasma defective power supply board

I purchased a Panasonic Plasma HBTV HT-46PZ80U approx.2 years ago.

The TV was working fine until August 4, 2011, at that time the TV would not power up, just a series of 10 red blinking lights that repeat indefinitely. I did quite a bit of trouble shooting and research on Panasonic Plasma HDTVs and more specifically my model #HT-46PZ80U. There is a wide spread problem with the power supply board that connects the HDMI inputs. I called Panasonic and was forwarded to their “Concierge Club”.

After 3 attempts and 30+ minutes on hold, I was helped by a Panasonic technician. He had me unplug TV, wait 3 minutes, and then plug it back in and try to power it on. No change. He gave me a case# and referred me to a local TV repair shop.When I called them, I was told their would be a $100.00 diagnostic fee.

I was willing to pay this charge, but when I asked if Panasonic would replace the defective power supply board, they said that they did not think so. The boards cost any where from $140. to $350 depending on which board it is. I do not have a figure for the labor.

The web is full of people with the same problem as mine, the TV stops working anywhere from 15 months on out. This is not restricted to just my model.I also have a Samsung 51″ LCD HDTV that is a year old than my Panasonic. About 6 months ago it shut down for no apparent reason”. I contacted Samsung about the problem, THEY sent a local repairman out to my house/.

He fixed the problem(bad capacitors) in under 30 minutes’. No charge!. He told me that Samsung would’ve replaced the defective regardless of the age, because the parts were defective,. That’s the way a company gets a repeat customer:.Has anyone had any success in getting Panasonic to pay to replace defective part?

These TVs tout that they will work for something like 30,000 to 60,000 hours!.

Read more here.


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