Ending Your Dilemma In Television Repair

Youre about to watch the American Idol but as you switch on your TV, the screen turns fuzzy. Poor Adam Lambert,who actually looks good in his leather jacket, becomes murky on the television screen.Poor resolution or picturequality is an annoying TV problem. This happens when the screen is magnetized and the automatic de-magnetizing is not functioning.To avoid this,remove stereo speakers, electric motors and other appliance that can magnetize the television.

The best way to de-magnetize is by using a special de-gaussing coil. This coil can be purchased from any electronic supply store.Start to move the coil in either upper left or right corner of the television until you have covered the entire screen. Voila! You did a wonderful TV repair MO!

Coaxial cables are copper cables connected to the television set that receive signal from cable television companies. If you need to tweak the cable at the back of the TV to get a better picture, then youve probably had your fair share of headache with the coaxial cable.

The solution for a loose cable is to simply wiggle the cable until the picture returns. Ifit doesnt work, you may need to replace the metal fitting of the cable that connects to the TV or
you may have to replace the cable itself. It is recommended to use a low coaxial feeder cable to connect the antenna to the TV set. This cable should be suitable for the new digital television service. This type of cable is suitable for both VHF and UHF signals. If it turns out that none of these suggestions fix the problem, you may have to call your local TV repairman.

Grainy and fuzzy picture quality might be the cause of poor antenna system. First and foremost, buy the right antenna for your television model. When installing the new antenna,make sure that the washers and spacers stay intact gold navel rings. Screw the antenna back into the base making sure its tight enough so that it wont fall off, but not too tight that it cant move. Also,the antenna must be pointed towards the source of the broadcast. The direction of the antenna should be carefully adjusted to get the best picture.

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