LCD TVs & Plasma TVs – Advice From An Expert

Are you considering purchasing a new Television? Then you may be confused about the different types on the market right now. LCD TVs and Plasma Screen TVs are both types of slim line, superior image quality, flat screen televisions but which one would suit your needs better? Below are some suggestions to help you choose between the two types of TV, one thing for sure is that most of us don’t want to replace our TV too often so quality as well as price are important considerations.

One advantage of Plasma screen TV’s over LCD TVs is that they weigh a lot less. If you are wanting a wall mounted TV then a Plasma is probably the better option or if you are undecided as to where the TV will go and may want to move it around then this type is more portable. A Plasma TV would be easier to get upstairs to a bedroom however this type of television has a brighter picture ‘shine’ and this might prove to be annoying with dimmer bedroom lighting. Plasma TVs work well in areas where the lighting is brighter. The amount of space you have is another important thing to consider, many Plasma TVs are bigger than 32 inches so if you have a smaller space an LCD TV may be the better option.

Plasma TV’s are generally thought of having better color accuracy and contrast ratio than LCDs. A better contrast ratio improves the quality of the picture and renders deeper levels of black. The higher grey scale levels on a plasma TV also give a higher quality of color accuracy meaning that white light is not filtered, as with LCD TVs. Color is produced at the light source ensuring color vibrancy and accuracy with a Plasma TV.


LCD TVs generally have a longer life than Plasma TVs and for some people this is the deciding factor in choosing between the two. Most Plasma TV’s can reach 60,000 hours whereas an LCD TV can reach around 100,000 hours. LCDs also have the advantage of not generating as much heat as Plasmas do, they also do not use as much power because phosphors are not used to create pictures. An LCD TV will also work better at higher levels of altitude and is less susceptible to ‘burn-in’ on static images.

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