3D tech gives TV a new dimension

When Mumbai-based Sunil Khatri went looking for a new TV, he was fascinated by 3D TVs, and the viewing experience those offered. But, one look at their price tags and the accompanying costs to buy 3D glasses for his family of six members convinced him to settle for a 40-inch high definition LED TV, which cost him Rs 42,000. “I was concerned about the steep price one had to dish out for a 3D TV and the need to wear 3D glasses to experience the effects. Besides, I have elderly parents and wasn’t sure how they would take to 3D glasses,” he points out.

So, why anyone should be interested in a 3D TV? It’s not that there are a large number of programmes in 3D available. And, if you want to watch movies in 3D, you will also need a BluRay 3D player and need to buy all your movies in BluRay 3D format. The manufacturers are not ready to hang up their boots on 3D technology. Perhaps that’s a reason why LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and Panasonic are bringing in models where one doesn’t even have to wear 3D glasses and one can consume 2D content as 3D by just pushing a button on their remote. They are promoting the use of cheaper passive 3D glasses (that do not require to be charged and are lighter to wear). All this is expected to push the popularity of 3D TVs.

For the enthusiasts, here are some of the latest 3D TVs that deliver respectable 3D experience.

LG 55LM6700 3D TV
As far as flat panel displays go, 55-inch LG LM6700 is one of the most attractive models. Sporting a barely-there bezel (visible only near the bottom) and its metallic swivel stand, LM6700 has perhaps the most stunning 3D effects on a home television.

A striking feature of LM6700 is the remote, called Magic Remote, that includes just a handful of buttons working just like the Nintendo Wii controller. When you move it, the remote activates an arrow cursor on TV screen. Point the curser at whatever you want on the on-screen menu and click the select button. LG bundles six pairs of glasses, just like the ones that you have had used in a cinema theatre. These glasses are flicker-free, battery-free and cheap to replace.

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