Different Types of Television

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I know for certain that all of us have our own television at home regardless of whether it may be LCD, LED, plasma or the traditional CRT TV. Although most of us are aware of plasma television, there are still few who aren’t conscious about its differences from the other types of television.

Due to the number of televisions being manufactured each day by various companies, we find it really hard to identify which is which. We even get confused in determining which type of television we would want to buy. If you are currently In the process of planning to acquire a television, then this article may be helpful to you.

Identifying the Different Types of Television

We’ll start off with the very first type of television, the conventional Cathode Ray Tube TV, commonly called as CRT TV. CRT televisions were the first ones to be invented. They were the big kinds of television which make use of vacuum tube holding in an electron gun and a fluorescent screen in order to create viewable images. Before the colored CRT televisions came in, people were using the type of television which shows only black and white images. And as the technology gets more advanced, these traditional Cathode Ray Tube televisions have been superseded by the newer and more developed types of televisions-Plasma display, LED and LED TVs.

Plasma Display Panel (PDP)

Plasma Display Panel is a type of television commonly seen in large TVs displaying 30 inches or larger.  This kind of modern TV also known as “plasma” consumes minute cells enclosing electrically charged ionized gases.  Although these sort of TVs are more advanced, issues and problems still arise at some times. 

Liquid-Crystal Display Televisions (LCD TV)

The other type of television is the LCD TV which utilizes LCD display technology to generate images. Compared to CRT TVs of analogous display size, LCD televisions are thinner and lighter. One of the advantage of LCD TVs are its lower manufacturing costs resulting to a practical price for consumers to prefer it over the traditional CRT televisions.

LED Televisions

There has been a lot of hype encircling the introduction of LED TVs. Many may have been confused about its differences from LCD Televisions. Some consumers may perhaps been mislead by

To set the record straight, LED TVs are LCD TVs in that they enclose liquid crystal displays. The discrepancy between the two is the mode by which the display screen is being lighted. The classic LCD television uses fluorescent cathode tubes for lighting, while the “LED” TV make use of light emitting diodes. LED televisions use backlight system where the LEDs are attached to all the four sides of the TV hence, the light is emitted inward to the core of the TV via “light guides”.


Now that you know the diverse types of television, you won’t be bugged up anymore when you are asked to choose among these high-tech televisions. If you want to find out more about televisions, you can read more about my article or visit my website.


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