Suit May Entitle You To A Free TV Repair

Imagine waiting a half hour for your TV to turn on! Frustrated viewers got a lot of mixed signals when it came to fixing their high-tech TVs, so we set out to help.

The picture on Barry Hughes’ 52-inch flat screen TV is amazing, but also frustrating.

“In the last six months, all of sudden, it started taking longer and longer and longer to turn on, and we were up to about four, four-and-a-half minutes before the picture would actually come on,” he recalled.

Then Hughes found out he and millions of other Samsung TV owners are having this problem with their flat screen TVs. In some cases, sets have taken up to 30 minutes to turn on.

It turns out, those problems were caused mostly by little parts called “capacitors,” and as part of a settlement of a class action lawsuit, Samsung has agreed to replace the capacitors for free.

Read the full article here.

Suit may entitle you to free TV repair:


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