What to Do When Your TV Is No Longer Under Warranty?

You just got your first bonus of the year and you ever wanted to spend this money for a new set of plasma TV for your family. You went to a TV store and chose the most advanced model of Sony TV.  After a month of contentedly watching movies with your family, your Sony TV abruptly shut down for no apparent reason. You called the store where you bought your TV and have it fixed there since it’s under warranty. So now you have your newly repaired TV back in your home. Months have passed and you haven’t had any problems with your TV, not until today. Today is your family day so you planned on watching the most anticipated movie of the year. While you were in the middle of watching the climax part, your TV suddenly turned off and no matter what you do, it just will not turn back on. You called the TV store again and reported the case, although they said that they can repair your Sony TV, sad thing is you have to pay for the said service this time since you have already consumed the warranty you’ve had before. What should you do now?

Nowadays, there are so many people investing on new television sets.  Most of these people who are endowing on new sets of television are looking forward to using them for a longer period of time. They don’t want to take the risk of spending a penny in repairing their TV once it shows signs of problems.  TV repair implies bringing your broken electronics to a repair shop and have it fixed there. However, there are some instances that instead of getting it repaired after taking it to a TV repair shop, your television’s condition becomes worse and may even turn into an unrecoverable state wherein you can no longer fix it anymore no matter where you bring it.

Whether it’s a plasma TV, a LED TV, an LCD TV, or whatever type of television you have at home, you still have to expect it to go wrong after some time. Regardless of how expensive you’ve had brought the TV, it is still likely to acquire problems after a year or two.  You are fortunate if your television has obtained certain issues while it’s under warranty. But what if years have passed and you have no options left but to find a TV repair shop and take the risk of having them fix it?

There are so many reported cases that the appliance we bought just shows its problems after they are no longer under warranty. I can’t tell if it’s a coincidence or not, but this is the most common thing that happens – especially to me.  But since I am used to experiencing this kind of situation for every appliances that I’ve purchased, whenever I acquire new set of electronics, I just reckon it to be broken after some time regardless of whether it’s still under warranty or not. I’m fortunate if it’d showed its faults while under warranty but if not, I’ll just search online and look for a reliable center to take my TV there and have it repaired for a reasonable price. Moreover, I constantly consider checking the TV repair shop if it’s listed in the manufacturer’s list of recommended repair centre. This is to ensure that the repair shop has the ability to fix your TV.

You don’t have to always surmise that your expensive television won’t get broken, just because it was bought brand new or because it’s the most advanced model in the market. Some problems or defects are manufacturer’s faults, so all you need to do when you experience this kind of situation wherein your television is no longer under warranty is to take it to a recommended TV repair shop.


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